Saturday, 6 August 2011

PrBoom on various platforms

Check out this set of videos of PrBoom running on a variety of platforms. I had not heard of some of these ports (and conversely, there are some that I have heard of not on that list), so it was interesting to see them.

I guess it is not that surprising that PrBoom has been used as a base for so many ports. The original Doom source code was greatly improved and debugged by Boom. MBF and PrBoom and PrBoom is the final product of that development. Lee Killough, who worked on much of the game internals for Boom, had experience writing cross-platform libraries and that is reflected in the code; and I took in patches from many people for PrBoom to fix portability problems. And id Software used PrBoom as the basis for their iPhone port.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bathwick Hill

While working at Netcraft, I would often take an hour at lunch to walk to the top of Bathampton Down and back. Walking down Bathwick Hill gives some fine views over Bath.

Bathwick Hill

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Georgian Bath and Beckford's Tower

Georgian Bath

Beckford's Tower

Bradford-on-Avon to Bathford

Bradford-on-Avon to Bathford


Now that I have moved to London, there will be less pictures of Bath and its surroundings and more of scenic parts of London instead. I still have some pictures from my time in Bath to post, but those should all be done soon.

Meanwhile, time to start posting the pictures of London. Starting with Greenwich, including the Old Naval College:
Maritime Greenwich